If you have ever wondered how to heal a cold sore faster, check out our cold sore remedies and cold sore treatment options. You can also answer, “What are the cold sore stages and symptoms?”  

Cold sores are irritating on many levels. If you are one of the 90% of adults who carries the cold sore virus in your body, you have probably wondered how to heal a cold sore faster at some point or another.

We have compiled all sorts of helpful facts that you will appreciate. Our aim is to post facts about cold sore remedies and cold sore treatment choices that truly work.

We hope you will find an option that cures your cold sores; remember everyone’s body is different, so you might have to try several treatments before finding one that fits your needs.

You can also find the answer to the question, “What are the cold sore stages and symptoms?” on this site. If you have never experienced a cold sore before, these facts should help you determine whether or not that is truly what you are suffering from.


Cold Sore Remedies and Cold Sore Treatment

The best cold sore treatment is a plan made up of several internal and external cold sore remedies. It is always wise to test various cold sore remedies and cold sore treatment options to come up with the best plan for your individual body.

There is no single remedy that will do the entire job for you. There are many products out there claiming to be all you need. Save your money! Your treatment plan should include at least one internal and one external remedy. Keep in mind that these sores begin internally and manifest externally. Hitting the virus from both sides is most effective.

Well proven internal remedies include supplemental forms of Lysine, Olive Leaf Extract, Zinc and Garlic. Popular external (topical) treatments include Peppermint Oil, Garlic Oil, Coconut Oil and/or baking soda based Toothpaste.

Also, as mentioned in the previous article, you will enjoy much better success with your cold sore remedies and cold sore treatment if you totally avoid all cereal grain products such as breads, breakfast cereals and most packaged meals - just for a couple days.

Many folks have limited their grain intake and claim to get much fewer and shorter outbreaks.

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Cold Sore Treatment


How To Heal a Cold Sore Faster

Healing a cold sore fast is essential. These sores are painful, ugly and very contagious. This not only interferes with your energy levels but also dramatically hurts your social life.

Knowing what works for others will help you develop your own fast healing plan. Here is a great remedy that others use with much success to halt and heal a sore fast. Keep in mind that the sooner you begin treatment, the better and faster the results.

Lysine works very fast and is the first line of treatment for many people. Lysine is a common protein (amino acid) found in many foods - especially dairy and certain types of fish. It is also very cheap to buy and usually can be found in the vitamin section of most stores.

As a treatment, people will take 2000 to 6000 milligrams spread out daily until about a day after the sore disappears. That would be about four to twelve 500 mg. capsules daily. The capsule form is better than tablets for fast absorption.

As with any treatment, smart users start small and work up to determine their sensitivity.

With many folks I have worked with, we have found that certain foods in your diet will keep the lysine from working very well.

Grains and tomatoes are the worst offenders. Grains are bad because they contain large amounts of Arginine, which actually feeds the cold sore virus. Also, grains cause acidity in the body which encourages virus activity.  Tomato products are very acidic also.

People who did not have much luck with lysine treatment were simply amazed when they eliminated ALL grain products and tomato products during the two or three day treatment period.

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What are the Cold Sore Stages and Symptoms?

Here is a quick breakdown for you:

1. Dormant Stage - The herpes virus is inactive and hiding within nerve cells at the root of the nerve fiber. This is the preferred stage, of course. It can last for weeks, months, years or a lifetime.
Symptoms - No apparent signs or symptoms. You are free and clear.

2. Prodrome Stage - This is the beginning of a cold sore attack. The virus awakens and comes out of hiding, traveling up the nerve fiber toward the surface to replicate.
Symptoms - The symptoms of this stage are slight and often overlooked. The experienced cold sore sufferer will notice a slight tingling, itching, dryness or burning sensation at the end of the nerve where the virus will eventually create the sore..

3. Inflammation Stage - The virus colony has reached the surface and is now entering as many cells as possible, beginning the actual replication process.
 Symptoms - You will notice much redness and soreness as the individual virus particles invade each cell. Small, hard pimple-like bumps (called vesicles) will normally appear. Lymph glands under the jaw, on the closest side to the sore, will swell and become sore. Most people experience mild fever and headaches at this point.

4. Destruction stage - The invading virus turns the cells into virus factories. They force each cell to create new virus particles. Once full, the controlling virus will destroy the cell to release the new viruses.
Symptoms - This massive destruction of cells causes an open, ulcer type sore that quickly crusts over. This is the most contagious and painful time.

5. Healing Stage - The herpes virus is done destroying cells as it completes the replication process. Now your body must regenerate new cells to replace the destroyed tissue.
Symptoms - You will experience pain at the site. Remember, a cold sore is built on the end of a nerve bundle exposing the nerve. You will have a lot of fluid oozing from the sore which is extremely contagious. The scab falls off as new skin takes its place.  

The healing stage is the most frustrating stage. You feel fine but are still too contagious to kiss. The healing stage can last up to a week or two.

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Here is a complete cold sore treatment plan that you can use.
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 This is how to get rid of cold sores the quick and easy way according to many experienced sufferers.

1. Regularly cleanse the area with hydrogen peroxide.

Peroxide is basically highly oxygenated water. The extra oxygen molecules shed off to your skin and are absorbed into the infected tissue. This helps to chase the virus away.

Oxygen is critical for mending tissue (healing your wound quickly). This also raises the pH of the area, which interferes with viral activity. It is truly a miracle in a bottle for treating a cold sore and many other skin problems.

2.  Apply some form of peppermint oil.

Peppermint is extremely powerful in making cold sores vanish quickly. It depends on the circumstances but I have seen seen healing in as little as two to three days.

You can buy peppermint oil capsules at the vitamin store. They are great for digestion and deodorizing the body inside and out. Also, each capsule is perfect for one application. Simply prick and squeeze the oil right onto your sore.

If it is too strong for your skin, you may want to dilute it first with olive oil. One mixture that works very well is a mixture of garlic, peppermint and olive oil.

An excellent recipe is one part garlic oil, two parts peppermint oil and 3 parts extra-virgin olive oil. Mix in some baking soda or powdered Stevie (an alkalizer and natural sweetener) and apply as a salve (after you cleanse with Peroxide first).

You can make this even better by crushing your own fresh garlic and peppermint leaves. If you have access to herbal lemon balm, by all means add it too.

3. Get some lysine capsules.

Lysine is is one of the safest and most effective cold sore remedies you will find.  Any good cold sore treatment plan must have one or more internal remedies as part of the overall strategy.

Not only does lysine boost the effects of the topical treatments, but it hits the virus hard from behind. Most people use lysine capsules because they are so cheap and convenient. Some foods very rich in lysine include all dairy products and the fish Flounder.

Most people, when using capsules, consume three to six grams throughout each day. They continue this therapy until the sore is totally healed. You may also want to look into foods that prevent cold sores which are high lysine dietary choices.

The sooner you start, the better the results.

Many people have prevented cold sores from erupting by beginning Lysine at the first tingling sensation.

Without a doubt, the above 3-step plan has worked wonders for a multitude of people. It has saved dates, weddings and special social events of all sorts.

The key to beating cold sores is not one remedy but a complete strategy using multiple methods.

That is truly how to get rid of cold sores fast.

Every person who is subject to cold sores should develop a strategic plan. A single miracle product will not do the job by itself. There are two many aspects of these outbreaks to ever depend on just one topical remedy.

As I referred to earlier, a sound cold sore treatment plan must be comprised of both external and internal remedies. A topical oil or cream may be great, but will never give you the satisfactory results you want. It is only a small part of the big picture.

This is a small web site, but everything you need is here for your benefit. There are many cold sore remedy ideas you can try out. We are continually adding new ones as they are reported to us and fully tested.

Use what you like best and and add them to your arsenal. Once you have a good treatment plan, you will certainly know how to get rid of cold sores fast.



To get rid of cold sores fast, you must have a complete cold sore treatment plan.
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