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Repeated Cold Sores
Causes and remedies for repeated cold sores.
by Denny Bodoh

Repeated cold sores are not fun for anyone. If you get cold sores frequently, such as three or more per year, then you need to know what recent research has discovered.

You may have a genetic weakness for repeated or severe cold sores, according to a recent published study. Research at the Utah School of Medicine isolated one specific gene (C21orf91) that was associated with people in the study who experienced recurring cold sore attacks.

Research leader, Dr. Kriesel, explained that the c21orf91 gene might have a 21% influence in repeated cold sores of those infected with this herpes virus. He emphasized that the real causes of your outbreaks remain environmental.

More specifically, your internal environment will determine the frequency and severity of your cold sores. These sores always begin inside you, and finally appear on the surface.

If you are prone to repeated or severe outbreaks, it is likely not this susceptibility gene, but one (or both) of the internal conditions mentioned here.

The good news is that you can very easily correct these conditions. Herpes sores cannot occur if you do so. No matter what topical cold sore remedies you use, you will not see good results without addressing these internal issues.

1. The herpes virus must have sufficient Arginine to cause your sore.

Arginine is a simple protein found, in varying degrees, in most foods you eat. This is the protein needed by the virus to replicate, the by-product of which are those hated sores.

Over the years, many people have contacted me with sores that would not heal, that were quite severe or that kept coming back. Quite often, we found that reducing Arginine in their system reversed the problem quickly - even in just one day.

The first thing we would do is reduce the intake of Arginine. We would cut back on foods rich in this protein, such as grains, seeds and some shellfish.

The next thing is to increase your intake of Lysine. Lysine is an essential protein also found in most foods you eat. One of its big functions is its ability to prevent the herpes virus from utilizing the Arginine in your cells.

Lysine, in effect, suffocates the herpes activity. If you are prone to outbreaks, you simply need higher levels of this protein than other people do.

For prevention purposes, foods rich in Lysine include dairy products and fish. For therapeutic doses during an event, most folks take Lysine capsules to achieve dosages of two to six grams daily. It is tough to get these levels by food alone.

2. A low pH balance will encourage all types of disease and herpes activity.

Your body is truly a fine-tuned machine. It is at its healthiest when your pH balance is at about 7.4 - which is slightly alkaline. Seven is neutral and below seven is acid.

At a 7.4 level, your tissues are also at their peak oxygen saturation. If your pH drops slightly to even a 7.1 level, your tissue oxygen will drop by as much as 35%. This opens the door to virus attacks.

A number of things will cause your body to acidify. These include stress, illness and diet. Of these, diet is the biggest offender and one thing we have total control over.

Acidifying diet choices include processed sugar, white flour and carbonated drinks. Good alkalizing foods include vegetables, fruits and dairy products.

Society has shifted more toward acid-causing processed foods and we are paying the price in epidemic levels of cold sores and other diseases.

You may have the cold sore susceptibility gene c21orf91. If so, it is even more important that you consider implementing the two methods above.

With or without this gene, many people continue to get repeated cold sores due to diet or just poor immunity.

You do not deserve to suffer these sores. Start watching your pH balance and stop feeding the herpes virus the arginine it needs.

Are you ready to start a new life without repeated cold sores?


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