How To Heal A Cold Sore

How To Heal A Cold Sore Faster -
Heal Cold Sores Safely

by Denny Bodoh

How to heal a cold sore faster with nutritional supplements
How to heal a cold sore faster by knowing amino acids lysine and arginine
How to heal a cold sore faster by raising your pH levels

How to heal a cold sore faster - and safely - is really quite simple and easy, once you understand cold sores and what makes them tick.

Your body, your immune system, will eventually heal a cold sore without any treatment by you. It will be an awful slow process, however, unless you take action to support your body by providing the ammunition it needs.

You can reduce the healing time by half or more with very little effort using simple, natural cold sore home remedies.

The quicker the better because every day is pure misery and truly disrupts your social life.

There are many good topical treatments you can use. It is worth your while to experiment a little bit until you identify the ones that give you the best results.

However, what I want to talk to you about right now are three internal cold sore remedies that, if used in conjunction with a good topical cold sore treatment plan, will heal your outbreaks nearly twice as fast.

Here is how to heal a cold sore faster than you ever thought possible.


  • How To Heal A Cold Sore Faster With Nutritional Supplements.  

    Anyone suffering from more than one cold sore per year should be taking a good quality vitamin and mineral regimen.

    Most cold sore remedies are topical treatments - creams, oils or ointments that you put directly on the cold sore area. This is a direct approach. It provides the fastest and best results because this is a surface sore.

    Nutritional supplements dramatically speed up the healing process of any topical remedy by boosting you immune system and attacking the virus from the inside. I call it the sandwich effect.

    Let's break it down a little bit.

    Vitamins A and D are strong medicine in protecting and healing the skin. The B family of vitamins, along with C and E are considered the stress vitamins. They greatly reduce the effects of stress on your body. Stress is the number one trigger for cold sore outbreaks.

    Calcium (in conjunction with magnesium and vitamin D) is the calming mineral and the main mineral for maintaining alkalinity in your tissues. (More about this below)

    Zinc is your main immunity and healing mineral and you only need it in very small amounts. 50 milligrams per day is a good plenty. Zinc is murder on viruses. Have you heard of those zinc lozenges for head colds? Well, they work exceedingly well for stopping the cold virus - and the cold sore virus.

    Most supplements have a small amount of zinc, but the form provided is usually hard to absorb. If you want to get zinc into your bloodstream quick - where it does the real work - use the lozenges or oral spray.

    Buy vitamin supplements from a reputable vitamin store or supplier. Those one or two per day supplements you find at the department stores and most drug stores are worthless. They do not contain the levels or quality of vitamins and minerals that will give you any benefit. In addition, they do not dissolve well. We have often seen them in bedpans still intact - called bedpan bullets.

    Many of our readers have reported that, by merely adding a good vitamin regimen to their daily habits, they have greatly reduced cold sore events in their lives.

    It is worth a try for you too. It may be all you need to be free of cold sores for good. How easy can it be? 



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  • How To Heal A Cold Sore Faster By Knowing About Amino Acids Lysine and Arginine.

    Arginine is a protein that the cold sore virus must have to create new virus. This process of creating new herpes virus destroys tissue and skin cells causing cold sores. Arginine feeds the cold sore fire.

    A cold sore cannot and will not happen without proper amounts of available arginine. You will find this protein in varying amounts in most foods you eat. Foods to avoid with cold sores are foods that contain higher amounts of arginine. Grains, nuts and seeds are among these.

    If you are trying to heal a cold sore fast, it may be wise to temporarily reduce or eliminate these high-arginine foods.

    Lysine is another, very beneficial protein when it comes to cold sores. The herpes virus cannot use lysine to create cold sores.

    And here is why lysine is one of the best cold sore remedies - effectively extinguishing the cold sore fire.

    Lysine competes with arginine for storage space in your cells. Lysine is the stronger brother. Flooding your cells with lysine will push much of the arginine out of the storage area. When there is insufficient arginine to do its dirty deed, the herpes virus will give up and go back into dormancy. Once the herpes virus is out of the area, your cold sore will heal extremely fast.

    Like arginine, you will find lysine in many of the common foods in your diet. There are specific foods that prevent cold sores that contain higher levels of lysine. Among these are most dairy products and Flounder, a very delicious fish.

    Much easier than changing your diet, however, is to use lysine supplements. They are very cheap and easily found anywhere you buy vitamins.

    The best part of the lysine supplement plan is that you have complete control of the quantity you take for your cold sore treatment plan. You can take them at work, while traveling - anywhere and anytime.

    Look for the 500 milligram (mg.) capsules. They dissolve better and absorb quicker. Common dosages among users are four to eight capsules spread throughout the day. It is easy to fine-tune the dosage level that works best for you.

    How safe is lysine?  Very!

    As an example, some folks eat Flounder as a cold sore remedy. Some of these people eat one pound (550 grams) per day, for one to three days. Flounder is very rich in lysine. In the amount stated above, a person would get about 14,000 milligrams of easily absorbed lysine. That would be like taking 28 capsules.

    One thing some people do that I would caution about. They take cold sore lysine everyday to prevent outbreaks.

    Here is why.

    It does work for preventing cold sores.  However, we have found in our research that it takes larger and larger daily doses to accomplish good results.

    If you get a lot of repeat cold sores, it may be worth it. As I stated, lysine is safe. However, give it a break every six months or so and see how it goes.

    You could also increase intake of dairy products, like cheese, yogurt or milk. If you have access to Wisconsin dairy products, you are fortunate. They are especially rich in both lysine and calcium.


  • How To Heal A Cold Sore Faster by raising your pH levels.

    A pH level above 7 (neutral) is alkaline and below 7 is acid. Your healthiest pH level is around 7.35 on the pH scale. Your tissues are highly oxygenated and your immunity high at this level.

    When your pH drops below 7, you are in the acid zone. This makes you vulnerable to virus, bacteria and fungal activity. The more acid your tissues become, the lower your oxygen levels.

    What causes your body to become acid?

    It could be your food choices. Acid-causing foods include sugar, white flour, chocolate, carbonated drinks, meat, coffee and tobacco.

    As previously stated, calcium is critically important to keep your body alkaline. It is so important that your body will steal calcium from your bones to neutralize an acid body.

    To counteract an acid diet, add more green vegetables to your diet. Foods like asparagus, cabbage, broccoli and cauliflower contain high levels of easily absorbed calcium.

    Quite often, your body becomes acid due to the stress of anxiety, fear, cold weather, head colds (where cold sores got the name) or flu, injury or even too much sun. The stress vitamins (mentioned above) help reduce the stress symptoms in a big way.

    In addition, you can easily be healing cold sores fast by keeping acid foods - such as tomato products - from touching the sore. You can also apply baking soda, mixed with olive oil, to raise the sore surface alkalinity.


These cold sore remedies should be part of your cold sore treatment plan. They are often overlooked but very important internal remedies when you want to know how to heal a cold sore faster. There usually is not one thing that will do the entire job of healing and prevention. There are just too many factors involved.

You have unique needs - you are not quite the same as anyone else. Developing a sound cold sore treatment plan means you should try different topical and internal remedies, weeding out the ones that work best for you then combine them for the most effective plan that works for you.


You can avoid wasting the time and effort of putting together your own cold sore treatment plan and take advantage of a highly researched plan already tested and put together for you. Click below and check it out now.
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