Foods To Avoid With Cold Sores 

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Foods To Avoid With Cold Sores
by Denny Bodoh

Foods to avoid with cold sores are those foods that contain high levels of the amino acid arginine and low quantities of lysine.

Lysine and arginine are two common amino acids found in foods. They both have a powerful effect on cold sores.

Arginine is a protein fraction that is essential in the production of new herpes virus. The nerve cells have a storage area within the cell specifically for arginine.

Lysine and arginine compete for the same storage space. The cell cannot create new virus using lysine.

A high lysine content in your cells often causes the herpes virus to give up and return to hibernation.

Here are a few of the foods to avoid with cold sores. These foods are higher in arginine than lysine.

---- Any type of milk chocolate or dark chocolate

---- Nuts and Most Seeds

---- Shellfish

---- Grains such as wheat and oats

---- Fruits such as grapes, oranges, tangerines

---- Many vegetables have equal amounts of these two amino acids, however onions, peas, broccoli, and squash are high in arginine.

Some foods above are very important for your health needs or difficult to avoid. They are considered nutrient dense essential foods. Doing without them for a week or so should be harmless.

However, for optimal health, you should not avoid these foods for any length of time. Do not use avoidance of these foods as a method to prevent cold sores.

To do so could weaken your immune system. This could actually cause more cold sores, rather than less.

Better than avoiding good foods, you can increase your consumption of lysine during the cold sore. This is useful not only to heal a cold sore but prevent new sores.

Here are some high lysine foods that are good anytime and are especially good for balancing out some of the avoidance foods. You don't have to give up chocolate completely.

Fish (flounder is very rich in lysine), chicken, beef, eggs, apples, papaya, beets, and all dairy products. Cheeses and yogurt are high in lysine. These will provide a preferred lysine to arginine ratio of 2 to 1.

A six-ounce serving of flounder, mentioned previously, will give you about 6000 to 7000 mg. of body-ready lysine.

Also, you can get lysine in very convenient 500-milligram capsules. 

Popular dosage is three to eight capsules daily during the cold sore and one or two capsules daily as a maintenance dose to prevent cold sores.

Lysine is a common protein and is perfectly safe in most any normal quantity. 

Yes - you can have your chocolate and eat it too. Keep in mind that you just need to increase your lysine intake to balance out these high arginine foods.

Keeping to a special diet is not fun and most people, like myself, drop it quickly. Fact of the matter is - I have not followed these diet restrictions very well at all. 

I love chocolate too much! 

Instead - I use an amazing cold sore home treatment I discovered by accident a few years back.

And, I have not had a single cold sore since.  

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Cold sores, sometimes called fever blisters, are groups of small blisters on the lip and around the mouth. The skin around the blisters is often red, swollen, and sore.
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Cold sores are usually caused by herpes virus, which can lay dormant in the body and becomes active later when something triggers it.

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