Lysine For Cold Sores

Lysine For Cold Sores:
How to use lysine and why you should start now.
by Denny Bodoh

Lysine for cold sores is used by many for stopping and healing a current cold sore - and preventing future outbreaks. You would be wise to use lysine for cold sores too.

Lysine should be part of your cold sore treatment strategy. In this article you will discover the secret as to how and why it works so well. More importantly, you will learn how to avoid one common mistake when using Lysine.

The miracle of lysine for cold sores was discovered about 40 years ago and has been instrumental when folks need to know how to get rid of cold sores.

To understand how lysine works, you need to know a little about the enemy - the herpes simplex virus that causes cold sores, fever blisters and oral herpes.

Normally this virus is dormant and hiding in the root cells of its chosen facial nerve fiber. When hiding, it is not doing any damage. Should it activate, it will wiggle its way to the surface, enter cells there and begin to create new virus particles.

It cannot reproduce on its own. It forces your cells to become herpes virus factories and create clones of itself. Once the cells are full, or exhausted, they are destroyed to release the new virus. This destruction of cells is ultimately what makes the cold sore wound.

The herpes virus is primarily made up of the protein Arginine. 

This protein (amino acid) is common in most foods to some degree. Here is a more thorough explanation and some foods to avoid with cold sores.

Arginine is a very useful protein in many ways. Your body cells have special storage areas within the cells to store it, in fact.

In therapeutic amounts it helps dilate the blood vessels thus increasing blood flow and reducing blood pressure. This is often used for better bedroom activity and weightlifting.



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But, it is also the fuel that causes cold sores.

In order to create new herpes virus particles, the cell must have ample stores of this critical protein. If it does not, the herpes virus will leave it alone and try to find cells that do. If it cannot find enough cells with sufficient Arginine, the herpes virus will give up and go back into hibernation.

Lysine is another very common protein found in most of the same foods as Arginine. Some foods are high in Lysine and low in Arginine. In other foods, Arginine may be the leader. Foods that are high in Lysine are foods that prevent cold sores.

Lysine for cold sores works by preventing herpes virus access to Arginine. It effectively starves the replication process much like throwing water on a fire starves it of oxygen.

Your cells store Lysine in the same storage area as Arginine. When you flood your cells with Lysine, it forces out excess Arginine. This effectively puts a stop to the replication process and deactivates the herpes virus.

The great news is that the herpes virus never becomes immune to this wonderful medicine like it does with synthetic drugs.

The herpes virus must have Arginine the same as a fire must have oxygen. It cannot create cold sores without it.

The best quality Lysine is obtained from food. If you have a lot of trouble with recurring cold sores, temporarily decrease foods high in Arginine and increase foods high in Lysine.

The easiest and most convenient solution, however, is to use Lysine capsules in the 500 milligram size. This way you know exactly the amount you are getting and you can adjust the dosage to your particular needs.

Keep in mind that you will have to take more because this form is not as absorbable as food-source Lysine.

With the first warning of a coming cold sore, a common dosage for many people treating a cold sore is 3000 to 5000 milligrams spread throughout the day - until the sore is completely gone.

Some folks take one to two capsules per day between cold sores as preventative maintenance. Lysine is quite safe.

Lysine for cold sores must be taken orally to be effective.

A common mistake with the use of Lysine is trying to use it directly on the sore. Many people are discouraged with the results and give up on Lysine. It does not absorb into the cells this way. Do not buy a topical remedy just because it contains Lysine.

In order to work, Lysine must get into the cells and push out the Arginine. It can only do this - like any other nutrient - when you first get it into the bloodstream. You can only do this by taking it orally. It is an awesome remedy when used correctly.

Prevent cold sores whenever possible 

It is easier to prevent cold sores than to heal them. Your ideal goal would be fewer in frequency and shorter in duration.

You can achieve this with a COMPLETE STRATEGY made up of both internal and external cold sore remedies. External treatment is great for immediate results. Internal treatments, like Lysine, will not only boost the healing process but aid in preventing future attacks.

Start using Lysine for cold sores as soon as possible. Start working on creating a complete cold sore treatment plan. There are many amazing cold sore remedies throughout this web site that you can use free.

The less time spent suffering from cold sores, the better your life will be.



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